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Startsladden 2017

Gothenburg Studios behind one of the biggest short film awards in the world!

Each year eight short films are selected to compete at the Gothenburg Film Festival for the prestigious Startsladden Award and a prize sum of a total value of 580 000 SEK. Gothenburg Studios and Red Rental is supporting the award in recognition of the important role the service delivery companies play in making short film production possible. By supplying equipment and other resources at low rates to short film productions, these companies play a major role in promoting future film makers and development within storytelling. The winner of the Startsladden Award 2017 will be announced by the award jury at the prize ceremony on the 29th of January at the Draken Theatre.

Gothenburg Studios and Red Rental are partners of the Startsladden Award, one of the world’s biggest short film awards. Together Gothenburg Studios and Red Rental supply more than half of the award value, in support of Swedish short film production.

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