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GoKinema 2017

GoKinema explores the future of Virtual Reality with its first event of the year!

In 2017 Gothenburg Studios present a new form of GoKinema. GoKinema will no longer be held during just one weekend. The events of GoKinema will instead be spread out during the year.


On the 31 of January 10:00-13:00 the first event will be presented; Open Set 360! The event will be held at Auktionsverket kulturarena (Tredje Långgatan 9, Gothenburg). The only thing you need to enter the event is a festival pass (50 SEK).

At GoKinema 2017 we offer an opportunity for you to step into a 360 film production. At several stations equipped with Nokia OZO 360 cameras you will get the chance to learn all about the latest in stereoscopic filming and 360 live streaming. You also get the possibility to look at how 360 film is edited in post production.

At stations for stitching, clips, graphics, and grading, we take the raw material to a finished film. The event is guided by expert led seminars regarding technology, workflow and storytelling with Malc Souther and Roland Morcom from Nokia, and Viktor Peterson, from CLVR Works.

The seminar will be held partly in English and presented in cooperation with GoKinema / Gothenburg Studios, Nokia and Engstrom.

Participants: Victor Peterson, Malc Souther, Roland Morcom

Moderator: Benjamin Bergerac, correspondent in Europe for The American Cinematographer, organizer and moderator for master classes and workshops about film photography