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Production services and state of the art facilities for productions of any size.

Gothenburg Studios is conveniently located in the South-west of Sweden,  and offers cost efficient equipment packages and production service solutions for local and international productions. A package will be tailored to each customer’s specific needs and can include a selection of the below services.

Together with our partner Red Rental we can deliver to every type of production, to any country around the globe. For questions regarding rental of camera, light, grip and sound contact Red Rental. +46 31 80 21 90 |

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Three large, fully equipped studios. Rental solutions available for film productions and event hosting.

Gothenburg Studios has three studios to offer at 900, 350 and 250 square meters. The two largest studios have signal interference protection and are acoustically treated for sound recording. They hold large unloading/loading entrances, as well as lounges and staff areas. The smallest studio has a floor-to-wall infinity curve that can be painted according to the clients’ wishes.


Studio 1

Sound stage

900 sqm


7.5 meters to overhead rigging

Overhead rigging, large entrances, storage and staff rooms.


Studio 2

Sound stage

350 sqm

Approximately two thirds of the studio has a ceiling height of 9 meters, the remaining third having a height of 3.5 meters.

Large entrances and storage.


Studio 3

Infinity curve studio/green screen

250 sqm

6.5 meters to overhead rigging at max height.

The curve is L-shaped with one of its sides measuring 10 meters in length, and the other measuring 15 meters in length. The curve’s height is 6 meters. Normally, the floor and the long wall are white, and the short wall green, but the entire area can be painted to meet the client’s requirements.

The curve area of the studio is equipped with overhead rigging with manually operated hoists. Make-up room, pantry and lounge area can all be found in the studio.



Prod Offices

Production Offices

Fully furnished production offices available for rental.

In the Film Village we let out fully equipped production offices, from single offices to space for large and small Film/TV/Commercial projects right by our studios. The offices are fully furnished, and equipped with 100Mb internet, high speed printers, and are of course protected through our security systems.


We also offer access to production kitchens, laundry rooms, make up lounge, wardrobes, lounges, prop department, rehearsal locale and conference rooms. Parking spaces behind locked gates are also available, as are garage spaces with alarm systems. The production offices can be hired as part of a larger package deal via Production Services, or separately.



On-site and off-site vehicle rentals available in partnership with Alleycat Film Trucks.

At Gothenburg Studios you will find the city’s most reputable rental company dealing with the rental of specialized vehicles for film production. We can also will help with general travel and transport arrangements and advise you on the most cost effective deals.


Get in touch with us via out contact page for more information on which vehicles we have available for rental.

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Prod Services

Production Services

Production services available for every stage of the filmmaking process.

Gothenburg Studios can assist with production planning, budgeting and scheduling. We can advise on the most time and cost effective ways to shoot in Sweden. We can also provide all of the following on request, or as part of a package deal:


Location Scouting

We will help you find any location to match your requirements.



We can assist with permits of all kinds, we know what is needed and how to get it.



Gothenburg Studios work with very experienced crews and will no doubt find the right personnel for your project, from Photographers to Gaffers and Grip team.



We can organise casting sessions, and put you in touch with well-connected principal and extras casting directors.


Art Department

At Gothenburg Studios there are a number of companies specializing in prosthetics, props, scenography, set building, set decorating, make-up, wardrobe, accessories, special effects and stunts.



Some of the top caterers in the region are based within or around the Film Village and will make sure your crew won’t have to work on an empty stomach.



We assist with short or long term accommodation nearby our studio facilities, from hotel rooms to apartment rentals.


SFX Consultants

Within the Gothenburg Studios Film Village there are experienced SFX and other specialized consultants available for your production.



We can set up and support post-production, from assembly editing during the shoot to full-scale picture and sound post.