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A host and partner for events ranging from film and industry happenings, to concerts and corporate gatherings.

Gothenburg Studios is a platform, partner and host for various events ranging from concerts with well-known artists, film industry events and other corporate gatherings. During recent years the studio facilities and the surrounding premises have been the venues for several large events, for example Way Out West, and concerts with well-know artists such as The Knife and Thåström.


Gothenburg Studios also creates and hosts its own events, including GoKinema – a yearly celebration of the art of filmmaking.

Upcoming Events

JUL FÖR SJUTTON! - en mycket bättre Julshow.

Gothenburg Studios arrangerar tillsammans med stjärnkrögaren Mats Nordström för andra året en underbar scenshow och ett härligt julbord i den stora filmstudion på Lindholmen i Göteborg. I år riktar vi strålkastarna mot stjärnorna: Maria Lundqvist, Uno Svenningsson, Jenny Berggren.

Recent Events


Höstens branschdagar för de som som jobbar med film, media & rörlig bild ägde rum på Gothenburg Studios 12-13 Oktober. Årets teman var Nostradamus, manus & berättande samt Virtual Reality. Många intressanta gäster var inbjudna. En av dem på länk – Gina Kim, filmregissör och professor i film på UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, som berättade om skapandet av sin VR kortfilm BLODLESS, som nyligen vann pris för Best VR Story på Venedigs Filmfilmfestival.

Brooklyn Beer Mansion: Gothenburg

This weekend The Brooklyn Brewery will fill Gothenburg Studios with beer, live music, food and much more. This is something you can’t miss.

For more info go to:


– a familyfestival with focus on young people’s creativity and creation.

Hisisngsfestivalen takes place on August 15 at Gothenburg Studios, Lindholmen. The program will mainly be produced by the young community of Hisingen and will consist of podcasts, music, film and art.  Read more on Hisingsfestivalens homepage.


On the 31 of January 10:00-13:00 the first event will be presented; Open Set 360! The event will be held at Auktionsverket kulturarena (Tredje Långgatan 9, Gothenburg). The only thing you need to enter the event is a festival pass (50 SEK). 

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Invigningsfest för Göteborg Film Festival

2017 firar Göteborgs Film Festival 40 år! Detta ska firas med en stor invigningsfest på Gothenburg Studios den 27 Januari .

Mer info… 



I mörka december tänder vi upp strålkastarna i våra tre filmstudios och bjuder på en magisk kväll i filmens värld. Vi utlovar en fantastisk julshow, där Lasse Kronér med vänner (Uno Svenningsson,Partypatrullen och Mathilda Kronér) bjuder på musik och underhållning. Stans prisbelönta krögare Mats Nordström levererar ett klassiskt och elegant julbord med fokus på närproducerat, ekologiskt och hållbart. Läs mer på

Dance and Theatre Festival

“From November 2014 till November 2015 I kept all my life traces, all my material and digital “trash” – from spam emails to worn-out underwear or bad ideas. I considered every thing as some thing.”
The artist Sarah Vanhee performs at Gothenburg Studios 26th and 27th August at 3pm. All the trash Sarah has collected during one year is carefully unpacked and displayed in a thought-provoking performance. For tickets and more information, please contact

Stay Out West

Finally the musical highlight of the year is here: Stay Out West at Gothenburg Studios 11-13 August!
This year is better than ever with performances from two stages and a really strong line-up with artists like Dungen, Thundercat, The Damned, Arre! Arre!, Cleo, De la Soul, Talib Kweli and many others. We have also expanded the outdoor area and now offers two big bars and several food trucks! Finally, and this is huge… On Friday Gothenburg Studios will host the release party for the new Netflix series The Get Down! Read more here:

Nostradamus - Västsvenska Filmdagarna highlight

Nostradamus, one of biggest events during the annual Västsvenska Filmdagarna, was hosted by Gothenburg Studios, on October 8th, 2015.


This year, Västsvenska Filmdagarna (West Sweden’s Film Days) took place from 8th till 10th of October, putting forward various seminars and inspirational talks throughout the days.



Gothenburg Studios hosted Nostradamus – the seminar that is one of the festival’s highlights and was a collaboration between Lindholmen Science Park and Göteborg Film Festival. It was three hours of educative, exciting and slightly controversial talks.


Västsvenksa Handelskammaren Afterwork

In late AugustGothenburg Studios had the honour to host an afterwork for Västsvenska Handelskammaren.



Leading business people from western Sweden had the chance to learn more about “behind the scenes” actions in filmmaking.



The setting, a guided tour around different stations, allowed everyone to try using a cameracrane, take pictures by the green screen and learn more about propmaking.



An interview on Västsvenska Handelskammaren website with Gothenburg Studios CEO Paul Blomgren DoVan can be found here.

Stay Out West 2015

This was the third consecutive year when Stay Out West, took place at Gothenburg Studios.


Stay Out West is a club concept complementing the annual three-day music festival, Way Out West, which takes place in Göteborg in August, every year.



This year, Gothenburg Studios hosted nine acts, including Ibeyi, Ratatat, Deportees and other renowned artists.



As usual, Gothenburg Studios welcomed immense crowds to see the shows and party till the early morning all three festival days after the Way Out West performances at Slottskogen  had ended.




To learn more about Way Out West, which will mark it’s first decade next year, click here.

Backyard Fest

Backyard Fest was an evening feel-good celebration of the long summer nights ahead, taking place on 12th of June at Gothenburg Studios.



There was live music by the Swedish folk/pop band Slätta and The M.E.I., summery tunes by DJs Confetti and Thobias were spinned and everyone was welcome to participate in an afro-dance workshop.



A Filmworkers’ Garage Sale, where professional filmworkers happily gave a second life to stuff useful both for film-workers and film-lovers was taking place, along real-time graffiti painting by Ollio and Sceb.



The grand finale of the evening was Mystery Cinema summer edition, screening one of the most romantic Wes Anderson classics – Moonrise Kingdom.

Flora Dance Party

Flora Dance Party, taking place on 16th of May, 2015 was a invite-only party aiming to bring a new spirit into dancing and socializing with music.


It started and finished early and created a friendly environment with balloons, lights, good sound system and vegetarian buffet.


Following the concept of famous LOFT party in New York, Flora invited people to devote the night to socialize through dancing, putting anything what distracts one from enjoying the music in a regular dance club aside.



It’s an invitation-only event to keep the atmosphere cozy and was taking place in our Studio Cafe.

Mystery CInema #1

Mystery Cinema -having the coziest movie night in a unusual setting. 



Around 100 visitors felt as if they were stepping into a scene of a classic movie title, which they got to know only as the movie started.



24th of April, 2015 saw the first Mystery Cinema taking place at the Studios – the classic indie title, The Breakfast Club was shown, 80s tunes were played, popcorn popped and custom-made posters taken home.


One of the most iconic Swedish music legends, Thåström performed two completely sold-out gigs on the 25th and 26th of March, 2015


These were the only two occasions when the musician played in Göteborg, during this tour.


Playing beloved hits along tracks from his latest album Den Morronen (released 11th of February, 2015), Thåström carried out a great performance, which was appraised by spectators as well as the media.
In their review Göteborgs Posten mentioned Gothenburg Studios as the best possible setting for the gig (translated from Swedish):


“The setting couldn’t be better – rain splashing against the asphalt, broken glass and the abandoned, graffiti-covered buildings at Gothenburg Studios.”

GoKinema 2015

GoKinema is an annual event in Sweden hosted by Gothenburg Studios. It gathers film artisans from all over the world to develop their craft, gain insight into cutting edge film technology and expand their creative network.


Professionals, students and film enthusiasts are all welcome to be part of the innovation at the end of January every year.


GoKinema Expo is the only film technology expo of its kind in Scandinavia. It is a unique opportunity for manufacturers of film production equipment, resellers, as well as film related businesses to exhibit their latest products and services to leading filmmakers.
Seminars, workshops and GoKinema’s concept of Open Set all coincide holistically with one another to strengthen the Expo market.
Exhibitors include a range from prop makers, production companies, high-tech innovators to world-class camera and light manufacturers.


Read more about GoKinema on the GoKinema website.


Swedish experimental band Goat played to a packed venue at Gothenburg Studios on Friday, November 28th, supported by Stockholm based psychedelic rockers Les Big Byrd.


Goat received high praise for their excellent performance from Göteborgs Post (translated from Swedish):


“Is there a better live band from Sweden right now than Goat? Extremely doubtful… It is unreal good. A collective picking pieces from various genres – from both Sweden and the Western world such as Africa and Asia – and concocts it on their own, original way. “


Gothenburg Studios also received high praise as a venue:


“I’ve never been on GBG film studios before. Awesome concert venue!”

The Knife

The Knife played an exclusive show on November 1st at Gothenburg Studios as part of their final tour – The Shaking the Habitual tour.


The Knife played to a completely sold out venue and swept the audience away with their unique blend of music, performance and energy.


We were extremely proud to host such an incredible event in The Knife‘s home town of Gothenburg, and to invite music fans into our studios to see such a tight and energetic performance.


Learn more about the tour and see some more pictures on The Knife’s website.


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