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Gothenburg Studios // Productions


Film, television and commercial productions. Gothenburg Studios produces high quality, engaging content. To see what we've done, and to learn more about what is going on, follow the link below.

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Gothenburg Studios // Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

Gothenburg Studios is conveniently located in the south-west of Sweden and offers cost efficient equipment packages and production service solutions for local and international productions.

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Gothenburg Studios // Events


Gothenburg Studios is a platform, partner and host for various events ranging from concerts with well-known artists, film industry events and other corporate gatherings.

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Gothenburg Studios // News


November 26, 2015

GFF Opening Party at Gothenburg Studios

The opening party for 39th Göteborg Film Festival will be held at Gothenburg Studios Read more...

October 21, 2015

New Sony Prime Lenses to Rent

Gothenburg Studios Equipment and Facilities service now offers the new Sony prime lenses. Read more...

October 15, 2015

Free cinema screenings supported by Gothenburg Studios

Various cinemas in Gothenburg will be screening films for free for students between 15th and 21st of October Read more...